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What’s With Cleansing Oil?

You may have noticed in the last couple months a surge in using oil within your daily beauty routine. This may sound strange, but cleansing oil isn’t anything new. Korean beauty has been using cleansing oil and, before that, ancient Romans would use oil as a method for cleaning the skin. The purpose of the […]

Best Snacks for Staying Full and Healthy

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right foods that will keep you healthy but also make you feel full. This predicament can easily be overcome by a full meal, but sometimes you only have time to grab something quick. Snacks that are high in protein and fiber tend to keep you full for […]

Unfortunately, Wine Isn’t For Everyone (Sorry)

Scroll through Pinterest and you’ll see there is an endless supply of wine-related memes. Not only do people love wine, they love to talk about how much they love wine. So, it sucks when you find out that you are allergic to it — or so you thought. All us amazing wine connoisseurs know that […]