Loving mother hugging cute little daughter showing love care support, mental health wellness benefits of hugging

Hugging Study Backs Up What Our Hearts Already Know

Sometimes science backs up what we already know deep down. A recent study on how hugging can affect our moods and overall wellness has revealed that the benefits a hug grants us aren’t all in our heads. Researchers who conducted the study say those who are “huggers” tend to have better overall health and wellness, […]

Veterinarian checkshealth of a dog on the table- visit a vet for proper treeatment

Visit a Vet Before Treating Your Pet

As a pet parent, it’s easy to tell when your friend isn’t feeling well. They may sleep more than usual, eat less, vomit, seem painful, have a runny or congested nose, or simply have a sad look in their eyes. Either way, most of us know when something’s just not right. Some pet owners call […]

Up high view angled down to look over very 70's themed furniture store, focused mostly on living room pieces.

How To Survive A Trip To Ikea, Michael’s, Or Other Stores That Drive People Wild

Shopping at big stores like Michael’s or Ikea can get overwhelming fast. People go in just wanting to look around and often come out with purchases far beyond what they had a budget for. To keep a level head, and hopefully a healthier wallet, here’s a few tips on how to not go crazy in […]

Science has shown that enjoying music decreases anxiety, pain, and cortisol output, and radiates right into your soul.

Why Music Makes You Feel Better

You just walked by someone busking with their violin on the corner and, even though you were too busy, you stopped because you were, like, that is amazing. Or maybe a song on the radio went straight into your body, so you were moving before you even realized you were listening. Or you just saw […]

Young woman with friends watching movie in cinema and laughing. Group of people in theater with popcorns and drinks. The importance of entertainment

The Importance of Entertainment

Entertainment is defined by the English Oxford Dictionary as “the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.” In our hustle-bustle society, it’s easy to put entertainment low on our list of priorities. Should we actually be placing more importance on it? Various types of entertainment have been around since the dawn of […]