Financial Education Benefits Center Encourages Parents to Start Teaching Kids Money Habits Early

Today’s financial landscape is covered in uneven terrain. It can be hard for adults to navigate their finances, especially when they have kids. On top of the additional financial concerns parents have about raising kids, they may also worry about their children’s own financial future. Will they learn good habits? Will they save money and […]

Financial Education Benefits Center Preparing to Debut Tax Help Benefit

Tax season is upon us. Many millions of Americans need to file taxes but are often confused about our nation’s tax code. What’s more, a vast majority of people seek help from either a professional or tax software to assist them in filing their taxes. With the new tax laws, 2019’s tax season might be […]

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Financial Education Benefits Center Encourages Good Dental Habits with Upcoming Dental Care Benefit

Dental care for many Americans is often too difficult to come by, and high costs are a big barrier to access. Plus a lack of basic dental care can lead to dental issues that are much harder to fix as they progress. While lawmakers and the healthcare industry debate ways to expand dental care, regular […]

Financial Education Benefits Center Advises Extra Diligence During This Year’s Flu Season

Flu season is in full swing and it’s hitting especially hard this year. States across the country are reporting high flu activity, rivaling the high 2014-2015 levels. Flu shots can help protect against some strains of the virus, but others can still appear and wreak some havoc. Financial Education Benefits Center, a member benefits company […]

Keep Eye Care in Sight with this Vision Care Benefit from FEBC

A majority of American adults—about 75 percent—use some sort of vision correction. And the vast majority of Americans may be risking further vision decline with the widespread use of computer and phone screens. These numbers mean one thing: eye care is more important than ever for Americans. Financial Education Benefits Center (FEBC), a wellness and […]