Funnel cakes and Ferris wheel at a local fair.

Staying Healthy at Your Local Fair

It’s state and county fair season! Fairs have many attractions for any kind of person, from food to rides to shopping. Whether you go every year or are planning your first trip, you’re sure to find some enjoyment. For people in Ohio and Indiana, fairs are taking on another association: swine flu. Recent outbreaks of […]

Six Health Benefits to Taking Hot Baths

In our fast-paced culture, the practice of bathing may fall by the wayside. Showers are the main technique to get clean, but hygiene isn’t the only reason to take a bath. Those who take baths regularly know that they are relaxing. They reduce stress levels and can help relieve anxiety. Baths are a part of […]

BBQ Foods

BBQ, Burgers and Beer — Eating Healthy at Summer Gatherings

Summer is BBQ season and that can be problematic for anyone trying to keep up a healthy diet. It’s hard to establish a healthy diet and stick with it for long, but in the height of summer BBQs, it can feel even harder. BBQs mean socializing with friends, family and neighbors. They mean burgers, hotdogs […]

Doctors Prescribing Natural Solutions — Literally

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks and the state’s Department of Health have a new program that allows doctors to prescribe a free day at a state park or recreation area. Doctors write prescriptions similar to the ones used for medications that patients can use to waive entrance fees to the parks. Similar programs exist […]

yoga class

Yoga: An Overview for the Interested Beginner

When you think of yoga, you may imagine a small studio of thin women in trendy workout clothes doing poses they make look easy. Or maybe you’ve been exposed to instagram worthy photos of women folding themselves into pretzels. You might even be able to pick out clothes that would be great for a yoga […]