How to Fight Bad Air Quality

We all know bad air quality is unhealthy. In the short term, outside air quality can cause itchy eyes, coughing, wheezing, and even some difficulty breathing. In the long term, unhealthy air can lead to serious chronic respiratory illness like emphysema and decreased lung function overall. But what can you do about it? good or […]

Count This Not That; How to Measure Health

Most people cite the desire to lose weight when they decide to “go healthy.” They eat greens and keep their saturated fats low. They start an exercise routine and drink lots of water. Those are all the right steps, but if their weight doesn’t go down, they may consider it a failure and revert back […]

Are Detoxes and Cleanses Actually Healthy?

With plastic in the drinking water and pollution in the air, you might worry about what’s building up in your body. Perhaps you’re not very happy with how you’ve been eating. So, you research detoxes and cleanses. They are all the rage. People say a good detox makes them feel more energetic, focused, and healthier. […]

Sleep Deprivation is Killing Us

We live in a society where sleep is undervalued. Burning the midnight oil is not only acceptable but encouraged. We hustle through our lives, stretching the day as far as we can to make the most of it. Even with the perspective that health is a lifestyle, we may be digging our own graves by […]

Foods with healthy fats.

Is Fat the Enemy? It’s Not That Simple

You may have been told that fat is unhealthy. It makes sense from a linguistic perspective: fat makes you fat. Right? But in fact, only some fats are unhealthy. Healthy fat will actually reduce your risk of suffering from heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. There are two kinds of fat people talk […]