Boost your learning potential

5 Tips to Boost Your Learning Potential

It’s August! The days are starting to get shorter, though there are still plenty of sunlight hours. Summer is coming to an end, which means one big thing for a lot of people: the start of school. Whether your kid is heading off to school or you are, life changes quite a bit once school […]

Science tells four ways to be happy.

How to Be Happy, Based on Science

They say money can’t buy happiness, and they’re absolutely right. But if you can’t buy it, how do you get it? Is happiness an experience you can only see in already-happy people? Is it a greeting card emotion that’s too perfect to be attainable? If you look up how to be happy, you’ll get results […]

Movie screen saying Please turn off your mobile phones

How to Spend Your Time Off-Screen

Imagine life without smartphones, TVs, and computers. It’s hard, right? Impossible even? Life today seems to depend on technology. People are glued to screens. If your phone has ever died, you know how hard it can be to escape boredom without it. There are many reasons to spend time away from screens though, and they […]

sleep schedule

What’s More Important Than Amount of Sleep?

I’m sure you’ve been told that you must get 8 hours of sleep each night. While that’s good advice, equally important is when you sleep. Or rather, how regular your sleep schedule is. A study by Brigham and Women’s Hospital showed that students with regular sleep habits performed better in class and had higher GPAs […]

Healthy Breakfast

The Best Breakfast Foods to Last All Morning

Whether you eat breakfast every day or just a couple times each week, what you eat for breakfast can impact the rest of your day. Eating a filling but relatively small meal (no more than 700 calories in a 2000 calorie diet) will set you up to get through the morning without pushing you too […]