What’s With Cleansing Oil?

You may have noticed in the last couple months a surge in using oil within your daily beauty routine. This may sound strange, but cleansing oil isn’t anything new. Korean beauty has been using cleansing oil and, before that, ancient Romans would use oil as a method for cleaning the skin. The purpose of the oil is similar to a traditional cleanser: to remove makeup, debris, and excess oil from the skin. Often people will use both a cleansing oil and traditional foam cleanser to create the perfect facial cleanse.

Extra Oil? Yes Please!

So, putting more oil onto your face is actually a good thing? According to some cosmetic dermatologists, no matter the skin type, cleansing oil can mix with the preexisting oils that are already on your face, and when you rinse it all off, the cleansing oil is able to take the dirt and oils that are on your skin with it. The oils in the cleanser bind to the debris that can accumulate on one’s face and allows for it all to be comfortably rinsed away. They also say that oil cleansers are able to keep the skin’s natural pH balance and can prevent the skin from having a production overload. Oils are also naturally antibacterial!

Apply, Apply, Apply!

Cleansing oil can be used by virtually anyone with any skin type. You apply it basically the same way you’d apply a gel or foam cleanser. Apply a small amount to damp skin, gently massage, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry! You may find that some cleansing oils work best when applied directly to dry skin, and not with damp skin. Make sure to reference any directions beforehand, but know that this method is the perfect addition to your beauty routine.

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